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Our Primary Healer's Story

Rhonda Giddings, AP, L Ac., M Ac., LMT, is the president and founder of Giddings Acupuncture Practice, LLC. Rhonda returned with her Masters in Oriental Medicine and the desire to aid in people’s healthcare within the community. In her first year of TCM school, she saw a need for holistic approach to healthcare that incorporated not only acute care but also education and lifestyle changes for those patients interested in lifelong wellness. She enjoys utilizing the many tools of healing available to her patients and clients from her many years of advanced education and training.
With over 35 years of combined continued practice in the healing arts of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Massage Therapies, Reiki & Energy Therapies, Hypnosis & Guided Imagery, and Herbs & Supplements, the base for helping patients & clients reach their optimal is broad.  The ability to individualize that broad generalized box of tools down to a very "one - to - one" equation is a passion that drives Rhonda as a healer & the practice as a whole.

Our Other Associates
Rachel Benbow, LMT, RM, Cranial Sacral Therapist, 
is a Licensed Massage Therapist, CranioSacral Therapist, and Reiki Master.  She has a decade of experience in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), and for 4 years had her own private CAM practice in Europe.  With training in both the USA and Europe, Rachel's philosophy is to therapeutically approach each client as a unique whole.  She works to bring the body and mind back into its own natural state of balance by relieving pain and discomfort, freeing blockages, and allowing the client opportunity to self-heal. The highest standard of professional care is provided during treatments. Her support to clients continues beyond the treatment session by answering questions and concerns, and openly sharing her knowledge.

The professionals at Giddings Acupuncture Practice strive to continuously expand their healing knowledge and professional alternative medicine techniques by consistently researching the most current TCM and complementary approaches to a variety of illnesses. The belief that Traditional Chinese Medicine is a great complementary medicine that works very effectively with western medicine is primary to our practice.
With over 35 years of combined professionally licensed experience in the complimentary health field, a passion has developed. Passion for helping people reach the best they can be - Assistance in putting LIFE in the years - not just years on the life.

Utilizing all of the modalities at their disposal - TCM, Tui Na Therapy, Eastern and Western Medical Massage, Reiki, Qi Gong, Diet Supplementation and Detoxification - Giddings Acupuncture Practice's goal is longevity, wellness and balance for each and every patient.
Longevity and Healing are within YOUR reach!

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