Massage Therapy Services in Harrisburg, PA

There’s No Reason to Live With Pain

Whether you want to improve your circulation or find relief from your auto accident injury, you won’t regret choosing Giddings Acupuncture Practice, LLC for massage therapy.

There are two types of massages:

Relaxation massage: Typically performed in spas or resorts, this type of massage is considered an indulgence.
Rehabilitative massage: Typically practiced in private clinics, hospitals and chiropractic offices, rehabilitative massage helps you move past your pain.

Giddings Acupuncture Practice, LLC is the practice to call when you want relief from your discomfort. Schedule a consultation now.

Feel better than your old self with massage therapy

If you’re tired of suffering, turn to Giddings Acupuncture Practice, LLC in Harrisburg, PA, for help.

Massage therapy helps to reduce pain, anxiety and stress, and improves your overall health and well-being. In addition to massage therapy, we also offer nutritional supplements, teas and acupuncture services.

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Targeted Stress Relief
30 minutes - $65
Targeted area massage. Great for stress management and relief.
Deep Tissue Massage
60 Minutes - $90 | 90 Minutes - $125
Dissolve deep rooted tension and relieve the aches and pain of exhausted muscle tissue through utilization of more aggressive soft tissue mobilization techniques.
Myo-Train Mobilization*
60 Minutes - $90 | 90 Minutes - $125
Gentle, effective hands-on technique that provides sustained pressure into myofascial restrictions to eliminate pain, adhesions associated with scarring and chronic holding patterns; helps to restore greater range of motion. *Proprietary treatment techniques.
Reiki/Energy Work
45 Minutes - $50
These gentle, yet powerful treatment techniques allow one to tap into the unlimited quantum life force energy. All energy work is always applied for good, therefore it can be used effectively in conjunction with other therapy treatments.
Signature Massage
60 Minutes - $80 | 90 Minutes - $125
Signature Massage is a subtle blend of Eastern and Asian therapies that provides a special and unique massage experience. The areas of focus are patient and client individualized to maximize this treatment, or to allow our therapists to draw on their professional expertise.
30 Minutes - $50 | 60 Minutes - $75
Therapeutic pressure to the feet stimulates reflexes throughout the body, helping to clear congestion, activate the circulation of energy, and revitalize and balance the whole body. Performed comfortably clothed.
Cupping Massage Mobilization*
30 Minutes - $65 | 60 Minutes - $85
Cupping massage mobilization is a modified version of the common practice of cupping therapy, used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and the results that this simple treatment produces are impressive. Through suction and negative pressure, massage cupping mobilization releases rigid soft tissue; drains excess fluids and toxins; loosen adhesions and lifts connective tissue. Combinations of stationary and moving techniques help bring blood flow to stagnant skin and muscles. *Proprietary treatment techniques.
Ultimate Facial Rejuvenation
60 Minutes - $125
Combination of acupuncture point treatment and a topical patented herbal mask to give visible results in minutes and lasting benefit for months.